A Little More About Me

Sue Ann Gardiner

I have always had a love for knitting for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if it’s because it reminds me of my grandmothers knitting us socks and mittens for Christmas or remembering my mom sitting in her chair knitting me a pair of knee high mustard coloured socks that had my name in dark brown on it or even my father and grandfathers fixing their fishing nets each summer. Knitting in some form has always been with me and is a part of my heritage. 

 I remember my first knitting project was a pair of slippers that I made for myself when I was about ten years of age and feeling the pride of wearing something I made with my own two hands.  

Over time I forgot about my love of knitting but it never truly left me as I would dabble now and again, however, I never really found the love for it to continue the hobby. 

In 2017 I felt the calling once again to pick up my knitting needles and never looked back.